3. Music

The Chomp” is here give a listen below

Music You Love To Feel

When strained it seems hopeless,

When opposed it seems useless,

When attacked it seems endless,

When troubled believing seems worthless,

but this music has come of age. CB speaks to every situation you may come across, this music minister’s to every need that you may have, this music grabs every circumstance and tells that circumstance you are defeated.

C.B.Cane speaks romantically, spiritually, emotionally, physically and directly to the listener through his music. CB gives hope and inspiration through the Word of God and he allows himself to be used to edify all who will give an ear. Now that’s the music.

Inspired by Shirley Caeser, James Cleveland, Stevie Wonder, The Williams Brothers, The late great Albertina Walker, Rance Allen, Marvin Gaye, Michael Jackson, Al Green and last but not least his musical family, CB has created a sound all his own with a will and life of it’s own. Once you have heard him you will agree, it is now his time. He came through hard times, doing without a lot, helping others and no one would return the favor, but in his own word’s ” I MADE IT”.

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