2. About Me

There are many artist’s in the world that have a passion for their work, they believe in what they do no matter what it may be. CB is a gospel artist with fervor for his craft. He does what is needful to deliver the music that you love to feel.
Cane as he is called by many, has transcended the world of music in many ways. His style is his own, he can lift you from your deepest despair’s and fear’s and bring you into a oneness with God that will allow you to get the answer that you need for the situation you may be in. Cane has been dinging and writing for a long time, he has helped many other artist’s but now the time has come for him to branch out into his own space and time. If you take the time to really listen to his work, you will be able to envision his vision, you will feel his passion, and you can experience the depth and effort of every single note of his music.
Cane states very often, “I write what many people want to say, yet they don’t know how”. His music surpasses what you may not even know is there, he has worked with the Florida Mass Choir, Daryl Coley, Minister of music for various organizations including COGIC.
Who is C.B.Cane? He is a man that is not ashamed of who he is and he believes in what he is saying and doing. Cane states very often, “I am not a perfect man, but I serve a PERFECT GOD!”
This is C.B.Cane, this is a small piece of the man and his music, there are many facets to this multifaceted, multi talented artist, but you will not be disappointed if you listen with your heart. I will tell you this, if there is anything else that you may wish to know about C.B.Cane, just listen to the MUSIC!